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New book: Britain Alone

My book, Britain alone: how a decade of conflict remade the nation, was published, with the details (including how to order) available here: Below is a blog that introduces the book and its arguments. — My book Britain Alone is a history of Britain since the global financial crisis.  It starts with the following observation, which […]

How do we study the public?

 ** Originally published in Crick Centre report How Do We Study the Public? ** Researching the public understanding of politics has scarcely been more important. Yet this is a field that is dominated by quantitative studies, whereby ‘the public’ is typically reduced either to public opinion or voting behaviour. I was asked by the Crick Centre to reflect on how […]

2008 is dead, long live 2008! Or, how we learned to imagine the unimaginable

Written with Tom Hunt, and originally published on SPERI Comment: What’s changed in the ten years since the global financial crisis in 2008? In looking for the lightning strike of structural change, do we overlook or take for granted how the 2008 crisis has opened up space for reimagining how we organise our economies? The collapse […]